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Online promotions in a global competition


Imagine finding a needle in a haystack. This is the situation of having a website in the world of internet. We now have millions of websites running on the internet. Finding your website among this pile of websites seems to be impossible.

To make your website or online business visible to online visitors, you need to get to the top of the search engine. It means that every time someone typed the keywords that are in your website in the search engine box, your website will appear on top of the list or on the first page of the list.

How does this work?

Google runs algorithms to calculate your websites ranking in the search engine based on the kind of keywords you use. To ensure you have the right keywords with high CPC, you need help from 1stpage KWs. This is an online keywords specialist that will provide the best keywords for you so you can use them to put your website on top of the search engine. Once the right keywords are placed on your website, Google algorithms will calculate it and put it on the front page.

How does it affect your business?

With the right keywords and the right place in the search engine, your online business will have the following benefits.

  • The first page in the search engine. Your website will most likely be found by many
  • The chance to have more visitors and buyers for your products
  • The huge opportunity of having more advertisements that will continue to pay cash for their ads

You need experts to provide you the right keywords that hit the search engine real hard and to enjoy the benefits. The future of your website lies in your keywords. So don’t let it hang on a balance, get the best keywords for your website today.


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