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The most vital states on Trump s course to 1,237 delegates, through Five freedomundergroundradio.com: The truth is, there are a ton of delegates continuing to be that are winner-take-all by congressional district, like in California, Wisconsin and Maryland. The calendar from here on out will actually need Ted Cruz and John Kasich to understand where to cherry-pick for delegates. — Sanders rallies Wednesday in LA, speaks on California primary: You re going to see me here more than you feel comfortable with by LA Times Christina Bellantoni: Sanders informed the Los Angeles Times throughout a 50-minute conference with the editorial board Tuesday, “We believe we have a path to success and that course definitely has to come through California.”. — New Public Policy Institute of California survey– Release: Donald Trump leads his rivals in the governmental race with support from 38 percent of Republican main most likely voters, according to a statewide survey released today by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC)… Hillary Clinton has 48 percent support and Bernie Sanders has 41 percent among Democratic primary most likely voters a group that consists of Democrats and independent voters who stay they will vote in the Democratic primary. Another 11 percent favor another person (7 %) or are uncertain (4 %). In the study which ended March 15, the exact same night that Marco Rubio left the Republican governmental race Trump (38 %) is trailed by Ted Cruz (19 %), and John Kasich and Rubio (12 % each).